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A streamlined payables solution is vital to running your business, our extensive suite of services allows you to maximize cash flow while increasing your efficiencies and payment controls.

ACH Credit Origination

Using our Business Online Banking, you can originate ACH Credit transactions such as payroll, vendor payments, taxes, and recurring payments such as mortgages and rentals. All this can be done from the convenience of your computer and our BOB platform.

ACH Debit Block

To further mitigate fraud on your accounts, we also offer ACH Blocking, which gives you the ability to block all ACH transactions on your account and ACH Debit Filtering, which gives you the ability to block all ACH transactions on your accounts except ones that you want us to allow.

Positive Pay

Mitigate check fraud on your accounts by using our Positive Pay solution. Simply upload your check issue file to our Positive Pay platform and we will email you an alert to review pending checks flagged as exceptions because they don’t match those your company has issued. You decide if the check should be paid or returned.

Wire Transfers

Our Wire Transfer services allow you to send wires from your MCB accounts for timely credit to your clients. You can securely and conveniently send wires from our Business Online Banking platform at any time of day.

Online Bill Payment

Conveniently and securely pay and track all your bills with our electronic bill pay service. Accessed through our Business Online Banking platform 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can pay bills as you receive them, as well as set up future and recurring payments.

Payroll Direct Deposit

An MCB Banker will assist you in providing direct deposit payroll to your employees through ACH.


Marty Paris
First Vice President
Head of Treasury Management